Corporate Team Building and Meetings

To up the creativity of your team, venture outside of the conference room. With multiple locations, indoor and out, Abbey Farms gives you options when we host your company for team building or meeting. Our environment is totally unlike a hotel that may only offer flexible-sized rooms for variety. From a fun country outing or team-building experience to a tranquil indoor meeting space, Abbey Farms can take care of your next corporate event!

Flexible Meeting Space

Get out the office and let us set up the perfect space for you! Yes, like the aforementioned hotel space, we do offer flexible meeting space. We can set up classroom style, or arrange all or part of the Emporium into breakout sessions. As noted under our Corporate Events tab, we have the audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi capabilities to ensure your meeting’s technological success.

Besides the main Emporium event space, the surrounding farm can become your corporate playground for the day. Not only do we help families and bridal parties make memories, we can help make your next corporate event memorable as well.

Is food – and coffee – critical to your team functioning at its best? You needn’t worry, we have that covered as well. We have seven caterers for you to work with to plan a specialized menu, or you can choose food options from our standard packages. We also provide beverages of all sorts, including after work libations if you so choose.

Event Planning Partner

It could be that you are looking for a unique team building event but don’t have the time to plan it. Abbey Farms is proud to collaborate with many partners that have vast experience with a wide variety of clients. Various associations, corporations and charitable organizations have all used this firm with stellar results. By combining our venue with their expertise, you’ll have all the assets necessary to make your event a rocking success.

The first step in the process is to discuss what you are looking for with our venue staff. Call 630-966-7775 to push your next event from a yawner to an energizer!