Christmas Tree Varieties

Check out the current stock of perfectly grown Abbey Farms Christmas or fresh cut precut Christmas trees from Michigan below! Please check the below chart for up-to-date available sizes updated weekly!


U-Cut Only: $45 (plus tax)

2017 Update: Size limited in fields

This long needle Christmas tree boasts hardy branches & 4″-6″ deep green needles.  Austrian Pine’s are available as u-cut only and are not available on our pre-cut lot.


Standard: $9.75 per foot, Premium: $10.50 per foot

2018 U-Cut update: Limited availability in field – fresh cut trees brought in weekly.

This popular short needle Fir is a favorite for many customers.  Available in very limited quantities as u-cut or stocked fresh daily on our precut lot brought in from Father Andrews family in Michigan, either options is great for a wonderful Christmas tree.


U-Cut Only: $60

2018 Update: Size limited to 8′ and under!

This short needle Spruce is a great alternative to the Fir family and grows readily in the Midwest.  These trees take twice as long to grow but are a favorite for many with short needles, a deep green color and wonderful fragrance.

Fraser Fir

Precut Only:

Standard: $9.75 per foot, Premium $10.50 per foot

2018 Update: Quantity and size limited to 12′ and under!

Fraser Fir’s only grow in sandy soil – something the Midwest does not have much of unfortunately. Fear not! Our family connection in Michigan grows plenty and they arrive fresh cut every week with sizes ranging from 6′ to 12’+!


U-Cut Only: $45 (plus tax)

2018 Update: Size limited to 9′ and under!

Considered America’s favorite Christmas tree for generations, this staple of Christmas won’t disappoint.  With 1″ needles and full branching, this tree is a wonderful selection for any Christmas decorations and grows plentiful in the Abbey Farms fields.

White Pine

U-Cut Only: $45 (plus tax)

2018 Update: Size limited to 8′ and under!

White Pines have the softest needles around with delicate branching but are considered to be one of the prettiest trees around.  Be sure to keep the heavy ornaments to the interior branches!